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March 24 2018

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Hey tweens and college students across the world who never pay attention to class lectures because you’re bored out of your mind like me.  I have a new app just for you all to try out!  Introducing Plato - the Best Multiplayer App to reach the app store yet ! Plato has added many new games to their system so multiplayer matches have been made 10x more fun with games such as Cards against Humanity and Uno.

Tired of those repetitive games on your iPhone? No worry download Plato  ! Plato is a new app on the market that lets you send game requests to friends and also allows you to chat with them instead of stopping the game. 

P.S. add me ( harmed is my username ) on Plato and let’s play a game of Dots & Boxes.

OMG this app is actually pretty fun and I can even compete with others online. Im basically making friends while also playing games online? It is like tumblr but with a twist. Plato has Draw Together ( like draw something ) and CONNECT FOUR. I love gaming apps considering I’m such an agressive opponent 

When you want to play Dice Party (their version of yahtzee) but you have to wait for your friends to download plato like…

add me on plato user name is marihens. Sea Battle is my weakness 😩

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December 07 2017

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i wish i could go back

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daily psa: if you and someone had sex once that does not imply that you give consent every time after that.

daily psa: if you’re married you are not required to say yes each time

November 27 2017

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welp. there’s an end of an era.

November 26 2017

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The phrase “love of my life” always sounded so dramatic to me because if there are over 6 billion people on the Earth, how is it truly possible that one person was made just for you? But then, there was you. And you broke my heart. And I moved on to date other people except that I didn’t because you were always sat in the very centre of my heart with your legs swinging.

Every hand I held, every date, every kiss: it was you my heart whined for. So answer me- is this how it’s always going to be now? Am I going to live my life and fall in love but always wish it was you in the back of my mind because if so, if I am always going to want you then that’s not fair on those who love me with all they have. In that case, maybe I am better off alone.

I cannot unlove you and it terrifies me. (via velcroheartstrings)
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November 25 2017

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